Elite Doll Contact Lenses

Hello Awesome Readers~

I'm so glad to share to you about this new world I am venturing on right now! I really prayed for this and waited for God's approval if ever I should push through with this plan or not. I am glad I was answered and provided me as well!

Some of the Elite Contact Lenses Designs! For more see my Facebook page!

So now I am so eager to announce that I finally have my own online shop about Contact Lenses! Remember my post about Elite Contact Lenses HERE?  Well, I am now one of their resellers and I am glad to be able to offer you all of Elite Contact Lenses designs on my FACEBOOK PAGE. My first batch of contact lenses were all SOLD OUT just last week and the second batch will arrive soon! If you are a beauty enthusiast like me and would like to try out this contact lenses trend *although this has been around for quite a while now* don't hesitate to visit me on my FACEBOOK PAGE ELITE DOLL CONTACT LENSES and feel free to browse through all the designs available.

All of the products descriptions were in detailed on my shop. So for more information just navigate there and see you there!



Till next post!

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