Mythical Creature Makeup Look Series: Unicorn

Hello Awesome Readers!~

This is the final look to end this series. This is Unicorn.

"Unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead." -

Unicorn has a lot of meaning in our society. It is clearly an indication of female power. It is said that Unicorn is a symbol of purity of the heart, faithfulness, peace and gentleness.

Unicorn is associated with the colors of the rainbow in some other illustrations like cartoons hence, the inspiration of the look. Hope you enjoy my mythical creature makeup look series and see you all again for the next series coming up!

Products Used:

Mikyajy eyeshadows and eyeliner and lipstick
Elite Doll Contact Lenses in Aiko Doll Pink if you want to order your now, feel free to check out my online shop for contact lenses HERE.

New series coming up next! ^_^


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Traveliztera said...

I so love this look!!! :D You're so pretty! :D


Traveliztera said...

I love the look, Arrienne!

It's a magical look. :D


Arrienne said...

Thank you Steph!!!! <3