Wedding Gig: Before and After

Hello Awesome Readers~

It has been awhile! I've been reoccupied with so many things and I know I've been lacking a lot of updates for you already.

So now I'm breaking my silence (literally) and I'm back with writing again! Let me start of with sharing what I've been up to for this past few weeks. This year surprised me with consecutive months of wedding makeup gigs! And you all know how much I love doing makeup not only for myself but also for others! This way, I don't only get a chance to let them know about my craft but also make them happy about themselves, about how beautiful they can get with just a little whisk of my magic wand (my makeup brushes). I am so glad I get to do what I really love to do! Not a lot of people were given that chance.

Last February 23 marked another milestone in my makeup and beautifying career! I finally learned how to style my clients' hair! I am definitely a late bloomer on this, but I am so proud that I found the courage to take this one step forward to level up my craft. And I am so pleased with the overwhelming support of my friends and clients who gave positive feedback about what I did!



Braided Updo Side

Braided Up do Back

AFTER sorry no before shot, I forgot!

Waterfall Hairstyle

Then just recently, March 8, I did the hair and makeup for one of my college friends' wedding. It's really an honor doing their hair and makeup for their wedding and I am just so happy that they trusted us on this. Hopefully, there will be more projects and wedding gigs to come for me and my partner in crime, my MUA friend Arni! We are actually already thinking of a name for our tandem and build an online site for our creations and projects! I really cannot wait for it!



Half do Braid



My college friends! The Bride's Hair and Makeup was done by my MUA friend Arni

More updates coming your way from this week on! I really try to get my blogging right back on track again! I missed this and I missed you guys!

Till next post!

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