Food Trip: Mr. Park's Bread and Cake

Hello Awesome Readers!~

Writing this post on a Tuesday dawn because my creative juices are coming out tonight! Hope you're doing all right and hopefully you're all full once you get to read this post. It's really something mouth watering! Seriously!

A visit to Mr. Park's Bread and Cake came by a surprise, when I accidentally lost my ATM card and needed to drop by the bank near this place. I was accompanied by my good old friends and I was so glad that it all happened. I believe everything happened for a reason so here's the reason why I lost my ATM card! I got to taste the awesomeness of Mr. Park's Bread and Cake shop!

Mr. Park's Bread and Cake is a certified Korean owned shop with ridiculously mouth watering bread and cake as well as some Korean dishes and delicacies. 

If you are around Robison's Galleria, Mr. Park's Bread and Cake is just a few walk away from the back entrance of Rob. 

First thought and I must really share this, don't you just love the logo of Mr. Park's. I mean the mustache and everything! It's just brilliant!

Behold the bread shelves! They have array of breads to chose from and from what I heard, they serve "the best" bread in town. Sorry Bread Talk you have a serious contender here. Kidding aside, I must agree that they taste great for I get to taste some through their free tasting section and I immediately thought of a new bucket list. To try as many of their bread and cakes as possible ^_^ I also get to take home one kind, but I forgot how it was called so sorry, but the bread quality even though I weren't able to eat it for almost 10 hours, its still perfectly soft and sumptuous.

And here's the star of the afternoon, the very own version of Korea of our Halo-Halo, their patbingsu. Super yummy! If you have small appetite I highly suggest to eat this with a group for it will take you forever to finish this amount of serving!

Patbingsu is perfect for the scorching heat of our summer here in the Philippines and perfect for bonding as well!! This costs around 160+ php super worth it!

I really had so much fun trying out Mr. Park's that day and I can't wait to bring some other friends around and spread the good news! Calling Ma2gs and Pagibig! I hope you enjoyed this post and talk to you all again on my next update!


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stacy | said...

looks good nga! I'll try it sometime!

A Dolly Bird Life ^^ said...

Will try to visit. Thanks for the info. If I may ask, do you have any idea about the price range of their cakes? 😊

Arrienne said...

Hi Stacy!! Hope you'll try it soon and let me know if you liked it just as much as I do~ ^^

Arrienne said...

Hi A Dolly Bird Life ^^ the cakes ranges from 300-1000 php. Really reasonable :)