Skin Care Review: iWhite Korea Moisturizers

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Looking for a good moisturizer that won't break the bank? I might have the answers for you on today's post. I have here two variants of the iWhite Korea moisturizers and I would love to let you know my thoughts about these two moisturizers and what I think will work best for your skin type.

Here are the iWhite Korea Aqua Moistuzing Cream and Facial Cream variants. These are in their trial sizes since I just want to give this a try first before purchasing the regular sizes and see if it will work well on my skin type.

This Aqua Moisturizing Cream is a water-based moisturizer that claims to hydrate, prevent premature aging and to leave skin smooth and feeling young.

This is how the products actually looks like.The cream is color blue and smells so good!

Once blended, you can see how it turns into this watery form and sinks in the skin pretty fast and well. Leaving the skin soft and smooth.

On the other hand, iWhite Korea Facial Cream is pretty foamy and creamy and has 3 vital benefits. It is whitening, has SPF protection and works as a makeup base as well.

The product feels creamy upon application and takes a little while before it sets in to your skin. 

It leaves a white cast upon application as well and will only blends to skin once blended well.

If you want to know my detailed review about these two moisturizers and which moisturizer I think works best for me, here's my Youtube Skin Care Review about it and hope you liked it.
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