Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Review + Demo

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I have a makeup review for you on this new foundation that I have been using and loving for the past few months. I haven't done this for a while and it excites me to tell you that I have finally figured out my blogging and filming schedules for this blog and for my Youtube channels that will work best for me. Yes, I do have 2 Youtube channels already if you haven't subscribe to the other one, here's the LINK.

Before we jump on the review, let me just give a quick advisory on how I plan on managing my channels on Youtube namely Mineeh11 (the name of this blog originally) and Laureen's Guide to Beauty. Mineeh11 channel will basically have Makeup Tutorials, Makeup Hauls and DIY video contents while Laureen's Guide to Beauty will have Makeup Reviews (just like this one) and travel diaries. New videos will be uplaoded weekly for each channel to keep up with you guys. Exclusive contents will only be shared on my videos so I highly suggest you subscribe to my channels to keep posted and updated. Again here are the links for my Youtube channels MINEEH11 and LAUREEN'S GUIDE TO BEAUTY.

Now back to the review. Here's Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation that I have been intrigued about since I heard and watched people saying good things about this product so I gave it a try since I I felt the need to change my makeup routine.

What does it claim to be?

Upon trying and testing this out for more than just 2 weeks, here's what I have to say about this Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation.

Appealing packaging
Travel friendly
Product is very much living up to its claim.
It is light weight, in fact, it feels so natural when worn.
Has no weird smell
Really good consistency. Not too sticky nor too watery.
Has light to medium coverage
Stays for about 6 hours without having to retouch (unless it's too humid outside and you are  working in the field)
Controls oil
Reasonably priced

To be honest, I really liked this product and I cannot think of anything I didn't like about it since day 1 of using it.

In conclusion, you can definitely see that this foundation, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous is an amazing product. It's perfect for summer since it's really light-weight and travel friendly. Staying power and the quality of the product is more than enough for me to recommend this and to even say that this product is worth your hard-earned money. So if you are looking for an upgrade or maybe just something to interchange in your daily foundation routine, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous will be a very nice idea.

See my before and after look on the video I have made for you below and also see how I applied it.

Thank you so much for your time reading and watching my review till next review awesome readers!!

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