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Last year, I had the privilege to witness beautiful wedding ceremonies of my closest friends. Their love stories are so beautiful and inspiring. But even before the big day, it was a tradition to hold a bridal shower to formally bid goodbye to the soon-to-bride’s singleness. Planning a bridal shower for your best friend or close friend can really be challenging. It doesn’t only require time and effort from the group but also money – some serious money depending on what you have planned to do.

So for all you readers planning to hold a bridal shower for your best friends here are some bridal shower party ideas and tips I can share with you base on my experience.


Planning the date for the party is vital because it should not be conflicting to the soon-to-be bride’s busy schedule. Contact all the important people involved and agree on blocking that date exclusively for the bridal shower.

A tip would be coordinate with the groom or any close family member of the bride to know her availability.

Ideally, bridal shower parties are scheduled a month before the wedding but you can freely schedule it according to what you have agreed upon. My friends and I had our bridal shower a week before the wedding, although the schedule is a bit hectic, we were still able to push it through~


Just like any other events, venue is also something important you need to consider. There are a lot of venues available for gathering like this like house of a friend for cheaper option, a bar, restaurants and many others. But I highly suggest go on a staycation and rent a hotel room, it doesn’t have to be super expensive, there are a lot cheaper hotel room deals now available in the market and book for this special celebration.

My friends and I booked a hotel room in Shaw Residenza for only 3000+php for an overnight stay and it’s a loft type with 3 bedrooms perfect for girl bonding.


Align your decorations and theme according to the theme of the wedding to make it uniform. My friend’s wedding have Mint and Pink motif and rustic theme so we intentionally decorated the room that way.

Food should also be enough for the number of guests. You can play around with it, plan different menu depending on what you like and also the bride’s favourite dishes.

We had customized cake and cupcakes for the bride and for the guests to take home. We also hired my friend who has this kind of business to do all the preparation for the food and decoration. 
Something I suggest you should do if you are all too busy to do these things.

We also prepared souvenirs to take home after the event. It doesn’t have to be super expensive; ours were just some colourful hair ties with witty captions inspired by Pinterest.

For the program, the Maid of Honor can prepare some quick games and fun activities to play. We did charades and also sharing of advices and tips for the bride-to-be.

Aside from the program, we prepared a SPARTY for relaxation. My other friend, Aimee recommended this SPARTY and we really had a blast. Super relaxing and pampering! All the guests enjoyed Mani and Pedi while the bride got to enjoy these too with matching full body massage before her big day!


This is the best part! Make memories and cherish the moment!

I hope this post was helpful! The next time you’ll plan a bridal shower for your friend, I hope my tips and ideas will be of help!

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