New Year's GOALS

Hello Awesome Readers!~

It’s time to share my New Year’s Goals. I wanted to write this down and be able to look back and check if I was able to achieve it before the year ends. I carefully planned these goals this year to make sure that I wouldn’t commit the same mistakes I have done last year and become a better and more responsible person that I can be. And hopefully along the way, inspired you guys to list down your New Year’s Goals too if you still haven’t.


SAVE 20% of all my income and NEVER TOUCH IT


Last year, I had the chance to read a lot of money matter books and I was able to see the light on the road to become a better money steward. The book “Kakasweldo pa Lang Ubos Na?” by Vic and Avelynn Garcia enlightened me a lot and would really recommend you guys to read it if you haven’t yet. This book will not only give you money advice but also help you become a better Christian too.

This book thought me to the 70-20-10 rule when saving and handling money - 20% for savings, 70% for daily expenses and 10% for Tithes or for others. By far, this rule has been saving me a lot and gave me a chance to handle my expenses and budget my money wisely!



Finally our dream home will be completed this year and will be handed-over to us. As a responsible adult, my goal for our new home is to invest on home furniture and fully furnish the house for my family rather than to things I already have will go out of style soon like clothes, accessories etc.



Yes, I plan to maintain my blog and update you guys every single day not only as often as I can. I am challenging myself to allot at least an hour a day to sit down and write posts on things I love the most. I want to keep you guys informed and updated to things I do and to products I think are worth giving attention to.



Practice time is over, 2016 is GAME ON year. My goal to keep challenging myself and become successful in what I do and stop procrastinating. My greatest enemy is myself and I will never waste another year of my life not reaching my highest potential.



Last year was a great year for me when it comes to seeing places around the Philippines. It gave life more meaning and gave me new inspirations. So this year I plan to visit more places with my family and friends and share the good news with you as always

My Travel Goals this year are the following:

1.   Baguio / Sagada
2. Boracay / Puerto Gallera
3. Enchanted Kingdom with Family. My nephew has never been here so I plan to bring him here with my family next month. Hopefully.

This Travel Goals list will just keep getting longer as I continue to hunt for more beautiful places to visit this year. I’ll keep this updated.

Those are my New Year’s Goals, I hope I inspired you in any way possible and let’s pray for God’s Will to make these all happen this year!

Happiest New Year everyone! Cheers to having new goals to achieve!

What’s your New Year’s Goals?

Thank you for reading!

Till next post!



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