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Hello Awesome Readers

It is just the second day of the week and i already feel so stressed and nervous. But all in a good way. I am feeling all this because of a new event that I will be having this Thursday. It's something new and I've never done this before. I will be participating in a fashion show and I will be a makeup artist again! :) Perhaps, I had mentioned about this before. I really got stressed cause I need to order online some new stuffs that I will be needing for the event. And I don't have the luxury of time to wait for my orders to come. I really hope the makeup brushes I ordered today will arrive tomorrow. *crossing fingers*

Speaking of gathering new stuffs for the fashion event, my friend and I went to Makati last Sunday to meet the organizers and head of the event. We discussed about what would be the peg for the fashion show. Mr. Jinggo said that they want something fresh, natural makeup, dramatic eyeliner and pale lips. Not so much work to do. But me and my other makeup artist friend have to prep up 20 models. whew! Now that's a lot of work! But I am not complaining or anything, I feel more blessed with what is happening to me now. So far, October has been so GOOD to me!

So I needed to buy some new things that I think I need and that is still missing in my traincase.

Here are the products I bought and what my friend Kristine gave me for the fashion show.

I really needed darker colors for foundation in my traincase. I heard we will be having a model that is darker than my skin tone. So I need to match it so here's what I bought.

This Maybelline Powder Foundation was on sale that day. Regular price is 249php, got it for only 224php. I tried it and I fell in love with the texture of it. I thought Maybellline powders are not so good that's why I rarely browse their kiosk. But this made me change my mind. I still have to try it to see what good this product will be once applied but my first impression was really good!

Next is this ELF Pressed Powder, I was just curious on this one so I bought it. I think this will be good just for setting the liquid foundation. Got this for around 130php.

The last thing I got is this ELF Mineral Face Primer which was recommended by my friend Arni. We used it in our wedding event last Saturday and it was sooo good! I will do a separate post on this as my makeup spotlight article!~ LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Got it for 399php.

And I was lucky enough to get this Cover Girl Liquid Foundation from my friend Kristine. She was so kind to hand me down this product. I was on the look for a good dark liquid foundation and she answered my prayers! ^^ Super thank you Kristine! I love this! :)

So there you guys, thanks for reading my post and i'll keep you posted on my ELF Face Primer review :)



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Janet said...

great makeup hauls! I wanted to try the elf primer too but the branch that I visited didn't have stock T__T But I'll wait for your review first ^_~