Conquering Bolinao Pangasinan!

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How have you been? Last week, I experienced a great summer vacation with my team here in the office. If you follow me on my Facebook page you know what exactly this post is about. Summer will always be my ultimate favorite season even if we get to experience winter here in the Philippines (which is so impossible to happen), I think I will still be in love with summer. There is a certain happiness and magic in Summer that I can not simply put into words. Summer reminds me of so many nice and beautiful things - flipflops, candies, ice creams, halo-halo, ocean breeze and most especially the beach!

My team and I had been planning this best summer ever escapade for this year for almost 2 months and I am just so happy to see the fulfillment of this plan. We searched high and low for the perfect place to spend our short lived summer vacation and we finally found it in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Pangasinan is famous for its natural caves and beaches especially the infamous Hundred Islands in  Alaminos. We originally planned only for a swim in the beach but we did so much more than that when we finally arrived which made this trip so amazing!

Let me bring you to our trip! Right after our shift last Friday, we head straight to Bolinao. We did a little bit of stop over but we were determined to stay right on the itinerary that we made. First stop is the Bolinao Falls. From what we had researched this falls should be one of the places you shouldn't miss when you visit Bolinao. It took awhile before we can finally reach it but it's definitely worth every wrong turn and missed signage.

The Bolinao falls is such a breath taking wonder! Some of my team might think otherwise for it's slippy rocks but I still think it's beautiful! We arrived in Bolinao falls early in the morning around 6 or 7am and the place glistened in the warm sunshine. It's very peaceful and calm. It's a perfect place to relax and appreciate nature!

We ate our first breakfast in this place and it felt like we were trapped in a different place with simple life and fresh air. I loved it so much!

Then we head straight to the Bolinao market to buy some other food we need then off to the Rock Garden Resort. This is the place where we stayed overnight and we were so pleased with the accommodation we availed. It's spacious and we get to have separate beds! woohoo! ^^ One thing we disliked about this resort was the beach. Rock Garden's beach was terrible. I can't even describe how disappointing it was to see their beach. So we just used their pool which we paid separately for about 75php each. I guess the best features of this resort was the accommodation and the mini zoo they have in the resort but other than that, I wouldn't really recommend it.

Accommodation costs 4,000php good for 15pax

Rock Garden Beach
 The day isn't over yet, our lovely small but terrible tour guide, AJ, whom we met in Bolinao falls, recommended a really beautiful beach we can visit in Bolinao. And it's called Patar Beach. We were so excited to see this beach so that's what we did early Sunday morning, our second day in Bolinao. The way to Patar beach was so beautiful. We can almost imagine how great the Patar Beach will be. And lo and behold, Patar beach was just what we were looking for! The beach we were all been wanting to see and experience. The Boracay of Bolinao - PATAR BEACH! ^^ 

My amazing TEAM! ^^ Team Deakyo! ^^

Patar beach is a public beach and the only thing you need to pay will be the cottage which costs for only 300php. Other than that, it's all free! ^^ We ran free in the beach shore and took loads of pictures that will capture the beauty of this nature!

After all these fun activities and SUPERB Bolinao experience, we finally reached Manila on Sunday evening and we were all smiling and saying this is just the beginning of discovering new places in the Philippines for our team. There will surely be a lot more to come and we will keep on conquering new heights for the succeeding years! Truly and definitely it's more fun in th PHILIPPINES!


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