HairStyle Diary #1

Hello Awesome Readers~

I ventured into something new today! I conquered one of my biggest frustrations and that is to be able to style hair like a pro. Don't get me wrong, not yet a pro here, just taking baby steps to reach greater heights! 

With a little bit of practice, I know I can do better than I can today and so are you! So if you are still not comfortable with styling people's hair or your hair, start taking steps now! You'll never know how well you can do it! :)

Here are some of my creations this week - the fruit of my labor! Sorry if it sounds like OA, but this seriously means a lot to me. So join me as I reflect on my progress with hair styling~


The Judy Abbott inspired braid! ^^ 
Model: My friend Flora 

Side Braid
Model: Me, myself and I

The High Bun
Model: Me, myself and I

Full blown side braid
Model: My friend Alice

French Braid
Model: My friend Alice

High Bun 
Model: My friend Sheirmaine

Fish Tail
Model: My friend Kristine

I also did a makeover today to one of our employees in the company, and this is what i came up with - Age appropriate makeup for her!

There you go guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want me to make a tutorial on the hairstyles mentioned above feel free to comment below! ^^ 

Have a great day ahead!


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Kristine said...

Cute! <3 Youre doing good.. Konting practice pa and then you can do the more intricate braids na.. ^^

Vabes said...

Wow! Amazing! I love it Ms. Laureen! I want to be your next model! Hahaha! How about for short-hair like me? ^_^

Vabes said...

I love it! Amazing! How about for short-hair like me? hahaha!! ^^

Arrienne said...

Thanks Kristine! ^^ I will practice more! I want to learn the waterfalls braid ba un? hahah :) Thanks for the support and for guiding me~

Arrienne said...

Hi! Vabes~ ^^ Aun lang medjo I don't know yet for short hair like you but I will research more don't worry! Thanks for reading and for appreciating!

Alice said...

I love it!!! ^__^ sabi nga nila practice makes perfect ^0^

Janet said...

you did great arrienne! I hope you could share tutorials just so we could do it ourselves too ^_~