Celebrating Valentines Day

Hello Awesome Readers!

How was your Valentine celebration? Hope you enjoyed it because i did! I had so much fun with my ultimate friends in the office and ofcourse with my significant other. We all have different opinions when it comes to Valentines Day. Some might find it too corny or childish to celebrate and for some it's one of those perfect timings to remind someone of how much they love and value them. My opinion goes with the later part. Regardless of what your motive will be when celebrating Valentines day if it's all rooted with LOVE then who am I to stop you from being happy. I love Valentines day not just because I am in a very happy relationship but because I love being LOVED and LOVING people as well. I guess, without LOVE, the world will be in so much chaos now.

I celebrated this year's Valentines Day with people closest to my heart. People I cherish the most and people that made my life a lot more worth living. Let me share with you some fun moments with them and how much wonderful my Valentines Day was.

The office was filled with hearts and truly LOVE is in the air both figuratively and literally, giving you no reasons not to celebrate. Our team, decided to make this Freedom Wall wherein we can write all our hearts desire and our love messages. It was so much fun doing this. The colored chalks made the board look more lively and festive. Everyone's art work look so good together. This had been the most famous backdrop for photos later that day.

And here is my art work. I drew Eiffel Tower and one of my life's quotation, "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." I love Eiffel Tower and that is my current collection and addiction. 

And this is the other one, a simple yet powerful message that is easier said than done but definitely worth pondering on. "Love More"

Here's my outfit of the day for Valentines Day and it screams out Valentines don't you think so? hahha ^_^

Can you read it? :)

All of my Valentine Treats and Chocolates from my loving friends <3
Overall, my Valentines day was a fun-filled day that I can never forget! Belated Happy Valentine's Day everyone and I pray you also had a wonderful celebration! ^+^

Till next post!


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Anonymous said...

ilove the freedom board.. plus the outfit of yours.. ready for a date

Arrienne said...

Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3