First Impression: Shawill BB Cream

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Welcome to a new segment here on my blog and on my Youtube channel about First Impressions. I recently got this Shawill BB Cream and I decided to test it out to see how well this products performs. 

What is Shawill BB Cream? 168php

Shawill BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is just like any other BB creams that claims to give moisture and protect while at the same time whitens skin. 

Shawill BB Cream comes in a tube packaging like shown in the picture and has good amount of product that can last a month or two depending on the amount of usage.

It also comes in a box where in you can see what it claims to give and the ingredients used. It claims to suit any skin type and has oil controlling feature. It also claims that it was made from natural ingredients and id healthy for the skin.

In the tube you can see other claims and you also have a guide of what color you chose just in case you throw the box away. I think that is really a smart idea. The tube is handy and was made from good quality. Just be careful in squeezing the products out for you might get too much at ones.

Here's the actual product and how it looks after blended. Shawill BB Cream is has cream to liquid consistency but isn't too runny. It's easy to blend and has a hint of fragrance but not anything too powerful.

Now time for the road test. I applied Shawill BB Cream at around 11:30 AM and here's how it looks on my skin. This is just the first layer. It feels sticky upon applying and can make your skin look dewy/oily if not set with a powder. It has light to medium coverage.

Wearing Shawill BB Cream no face makeup yet
After 4 hours I felt the need to retouch because my face started to get really oily. Maybe because of the humid climate in the Philippines as well that's why I felt like the product is melting on me. But after retouching, it looked good as new. :)

I came home around 12:20 AM and this was how it looked at that moment. I can see my T-zone, around the corners of my nose as well as my cheeks were already oily again. But same thing, it didn't require so much of makeup to restore how it looked like from the beginning. It only required few strokes of powder foundation and was good to go!

Overall, I must say that Shawill BB Cream did a decent job for 12 hour wear. Yes, it became oily at some points but I guess it's just normal given the fact that it's really humid from where I came from so I guess it's not totally a down fall. I liked how easy I can make it look like it was before by simply retouching and blotting with powder. It didn't make me look like a scary two toned oily monster just like how I envisioned BB Creams will look on me. And with it's budget friendly price, I don't think you'll resist giving this BB Cream a try. So if you like me who's new in using BB Creams and wouldn't want to spend too much money on a BB Cream you are not so sure about, I suggest try Shawill BB Cream for a while and just level up you need to.

If you want to see the actual demonstration on how I applied Shawill BB Cream and also how it looked after few hours, don't forget checking my First Impression video below~ ^^

Till next post!


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Imran said...

This post is amazing looking forward for more ...

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Arrienne said...

Thank you! Imran~ ^^

Ritu Puri Independent Mumbai Escorts said...

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Ritu Puri Independent Mumbai Escorts said...

Hi Dear very wonderful blogs i like it..also see my blogs

cris estacio said...

Are you still using this BB cream? I'm on a hunt for affordable but good BB creams. Currently I'm using Avon Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream.What other BB creams have you tried? Thanks..