Wedding Gig: My friend's Wedding Day

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They say friends add laughter and meaning to our lives. To see friends grow and live their dreams is such an amazing privilege given only to a friend. I am glad to be able to witness one of my dearest friends most memorable milestone in her life and not only that but I was blessed enough to be able to do her wedding makeup that day as well. It was a moment to treasure - seeing your friends move on with their lives and become better person are some of the things I love about having friends. You get to teach and learn from each other in a very subtle way. And the time you get to notice it is when others see you change the way you think and behave in a positive or negative way. 

The wedding was solemn and was really private. Only the closest relatives and friends of the bride and groom were invited. People were happy and celebrating! My friend, Kerry was beaming with joy and gladness as the clock tick away. Prepping up and beautifying Kerry was not a hard task to do. Her skin looks healthy and flawless. The only thing that complicate things was her unstoppable movements due to her non-stop stories. ^_^

She wanted well defined cat-eye and really amplified lashes. So here are her before and after looks.

Then the time came she needed to walk down the aisle and start walking away from her single-hood and welcome married life. She looks stunning and glowing! I am really happy for her!

Some photo credit from: Kristine
The Money Dance! This tradition is just so cool! I really enjoyed it a lot!! ^_^

Some photos credit from: Kristine
Here comes the bride's game for all the single ladies! A new twist on tossing and catching the bouquet! ^^

Eating time! Delicious meal and cupcake from the groom and bride.

The rest of the circle! ^^ 

We also get to take cute shots in the bride's room! ^^ 

Photo credit from: Jace

Let me just share this with you! The picturesque window!! View from the reception. Super beautiful!! Looks like a real painting but it's not!

Then the ceremony proceeded and everything went according to plan. The party ended up with laughter and fulfillment! I can't wait to see more of my friends walking down the aisle with the man of their lives. :)

 Who will be the next? ^_^

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