Thirft Thrills~

                                                           Hello Awesome Readers~

Today, I would like to share to you some Thrift Store finds *Ukay-ukay* I had accumulated for about 2 months now. Thrift Stores are one of my favorite cheap thrills to go to especially when I am looking for something unique , cheap yet trendy. Never underestimate the power of Thrift Stores to make you fashionable although these items are second hand or vintage, it will make a difference. Since I discovered about Ukay-Ukay/Thrift stores, my love for vintage arose. And now, how I perceive or look at Ukay-ukay stores had never been the same again. I LOVE UKAY-UKAY!

So here are some awesome finds I had on month of January to February and some new finds yesterday. Check it out~

One of my finds last December and I wore this on our company Christmas Party last year.

One of my recent purchase in Ukay~ LOVE the detail of this sheer button down long sleeves.

The classic white sheer long sleeves that is so IN this season. Light weight and so fashionable. Everyone should have something like this in their closet.

LOVE polka dots! This Vintage-y looking skirt is one of my fave!!~

The print and the pastel color on this pleated skirt is the BEST. It gives you that VINTAGE and sophisticated look at the same time~

This long sleeves, military inspired cover up is a little bit big for my size but for sure with a little bit of alteration it will soon fit well!

Look at this very shiny and shimmery jacket! I had to buy this for it's futuristic look and really edgy~

This skirt is one of my latest purchases this month. I love how flowy this skirt is and how classic and sophisticated the material and design in it. 

And BEHOLD my most recently purchase and one of my most favorite ones, it's this kick-ass wedge boots! I super love it! Although, i know it's summer already, i cannot just ignore this baby in the store and not buy it! Beautiful isn't it? And the tag price is for only 380php! ^^ SCORE!! 

There you guys! Those are some of my UKAY FINDS i really would like to share to you~ Hope you like it and tell me about your favorite ukay finds.
Thanks for reading~
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Raine said...

Hi, just followed your blog, hope you can follow mine too. By the way, I for one likes and sells vintage clothes too, kindly check my page in facebook, Clothes To Ponder Boutique, you might find something you'll

Photoescape said...

Great post Arrienne! I actually thought the last picture was a puppy LOL I like this post...which reminds me I need to go shopping ~.~

Much Love!

The Reflets Etincelants said...

i'm following you
mind to follow back? :)

wantatatste said...

I like your vintage skirt. Beautiful colours :)

Carla Florendo said...

WOW so lucky, these are such great finds, specially the glittery shimmery jacket and the white sheer shirt!! i'd drool, if only there are many thrift shops where i live.
u have a cute blog.

cheers, Carla

HeyDahye said...

Love the blouses you got!! Thrifting is best.

ETCetera said...

hi :) i just love the boots !!!
im following :)