Friday Randomness

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's another Friday and the best thing about this coming weekend is the long break that we will have again because of the Korean Holiday! I will have 3 days off so I can write a lot of articles for you and film tutorials too. :)

But one thing sad about this day is to bid goodbye to one of my colleagues. Today is her last day and somehow I feel sad that we weren't able to spend more quality time together. So our team just prepared a simple farewell gift for her. I also wrote a letter in behalf of the team. Here's what I did~

It really feels good to let someone know how you feel. It makes you cherish the moment and treasure the person as well. No matter what kind of love you are feeling right now, hope you get the courage to show it to that person and give the love they deserve - before it's too late!

Change Topic ^_^

Today, I shot another video about BYS. I just want to share it you. If you want to check it out and to see the product up-close just watch the video below.

One more random thing~ Just want to know, what's your current LSS? Well, for me its Serena by Gloc 9 and Ebe ^_^ I'm such a big fan of this song!! The MV is so touching. Honestly, the first time I watched it I got teary-eyed. T_T Here's the link to the video, would like to share!~




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