Look into my EYEbrows

Hello Awesome Readers!

I was so in the mood to help around my dearest friends yesterday with their beauty concerns. Most of them would like to groom their eyebrows and would like to see how I did it. I super enjoyed giving them some tips and in bringing out the best in them.

First stop was my very good friend, you know who, Kristine of RealAsianBeauty. She wanted me to groom her eyebrows. So i did~ 

I did it super naturally~ ^^
Kristine has thick eyebrows, so for people who have eyebrows like her, my tip would be to get yourself a handy eyebrow scissor to avoid too much hair sticking out your shaped eyebrows. By the way, I used my own eyebrow powder aka matte brown eyeshadow for all my beautiful ladies since we all have almost the same hair color.

Next, my dear friend Flora. Her eyebrows are already filled but they need a little bit more reshaping. A little helpful tip in reshaping and filling out your eyebrows, start where your inner corners are and stop right where your eyes end.

Last would be my ever talkative yet sweet friend Cindy. Her eyebrows need some serious grooming. So I took the time to shave it to enhance it's shape and then filled it in. I also want to retouch her eye look so I went ahead and did her face makeup! ^^ I was so happy with the result! She looked a lot prettier right?~

Well, I am thinking of doing this more often and feature some of my friends here that I made over. So watch out for that ladies~ Have a HAPPY LENTEN SEASON!



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Jan Mitchelle said...

Great Job! :) I love how you keep it simple :) Following your blog now. Mind to follow mine too? :) Have a great day!

Cj Escuadro said...

My weakeast point would be shaping my eyebrow "perfectly"..urgh! :|

New follower here.hehe..Followed you thru GFC.

Cj from www.pinayontheloose.com

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Arrienne said...

Hi Jan! Sure! Would love to!