My 2013 Round Up

Hello Awesome Readers~

Happy Holidays! New year has arrived and there so many things we need to reflect on the previous year before welcoming the year. I can personally testify how great and blessed I am to have God's favor on me all the year round. 2013 may be a year full of tribulation not only to my life but also to our country, but there are still hundreds of reasons for us to celebrate and be thankful for for the last year.

I would like to start this year with a blog post full of thank yous. I know that no matter how much i would like to simply this blog post, i will never be able to summarize all the wonderful things happened in my life not only as a blogger/beauty guru but also as a simple person. I guess it would be better to start by enumerating some of the things I am thankful of as a blogger/beauty guru.

2013 gave me three wonderful chances to beautiful people on their wedding day. I was able to book two weddings gigs and one prenup shoot last August and just recently December. (Prenup Shoot)(December Wedding Gig)

I was able to attend three makeup seminars as well to widen my knowledge and my horizon as an aspiring makeup artist. I was able to learn airbrush makeup with Glambox people last April with my fashion blogger friend Kristine. I also attended a summer makeup workshop with Shisheido also with my friend Kristine last March and another beauty event held by BDJ in association with Max factor and other beauty brands late this year with my friend Alice.

It was also my first time to do a photo shoot with my model friend and photographer that showcased my makeup flexibility. (May)

Another first is to get invited in a beauty talk with an organization that is so close to my heart as their guest speaker for that night.

I was also blessed to be able to upgrade my lifestyle and the things i will be needing for blogging and filming. Last March I got my first ever smart phone then came June I was able to buy a new laptop then came December, i finally got a new digital camera that can produce HD films and photos. I thank God for all of these wonderful blessings.

I did a lot of firsts this year and mentioning it all will only bore you to death so I might as well just be end these Thank You post as a blogger/beauty blogger here. But before i completely end this post, let me share to you two of the most wonderful things that happen to my personal life last year.

2013 opened a door for me to level up my career and gave me an opportunity to become our company's trainer.

Lastly, i would like to give thanks to the Lord for letting us (my pagibig and i) reached one decade in our relationship. This is definitely an achievement i am most proud of. I just find other words to say but to Thank God for this wonderful blessing!!!

Thank you 2013 you've definitely tested and made us stronger. I am just so proud to say we were able to surpass you and on this new year I am just so thrilled to witness what's in store for me and for all of us!!♥♥♥

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


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