Wedding Gig: Behind the Scenes and VLOG

Hello Awesome Readers~

I am just so excited to share to you the details of the Wedding Gig I had yesterday. I was with my best buddies beautifying people. I was tagged along by my MUA friend Arni and I tagged along my blogger/vlogger friend Alice in the event. We were hired to do the hair and makeup for the entourage and I am just so thrilled with all the things happened that day!

Around 4 am we started preparing for the makeup gig for the wedding will start at 11 am and we can't be late. I asked Alice to sleepover at my house so we could go together once Arni came to pick us up.

Around 6:30 am we arrived the hotel where the Bride and Groom's family were checked in. We started doing our magic around 7:30 am for we need to set things up and wait for the bride's family to finish eating breakfast.

I started working on the Groom's mother's makeup. Naked Palette 2 is just so perfect for wedding looks and I am just so glad to be able to purchase it right in time for wedding events I will do doing this December.  While I was busy working on my client, Arni on the hand, started working on the Bride's Mom. To save time, Arni's hairstylist started working on the Groom's mother hair at the same time.

Tips on working with moms: Choose neutral color palette to achieve a younger looking makeup look for them to stand out. Go for light to medium coverage for foundation as to avoid making them look cakey. Stay away from matte finish foundations for this will make them look even mature and has a big tendency to cake up. Lipsticks should also be in neutral tones like soft pink or brown red to complete the look.

Right after I finished the look for my first client, I went on and started working on the Bride's sister/ The Maid of Honor. Her skin is perfect and flawless, so there is no need for heavy coverage. Putting makeup on my second client was definitely a breeze!

Tips on working with sisters or younger people: You can definitely play with color this time. She requested for red lips to finish her look so i opted for an orangey-red lipstick as to not draw too much attention from her. After all, the Bride should be the one to stand out from all the rest!

Then I moved on the the Groom. Men are easy to retouch and to beautify. All I need is some foundation, contour and viola! He is DONE!


Tips on working with men: Stay away from too shiny lipgloss, for they will definitely get irritated and get all awkward with the makeup thing.

Last client I work with is the Bride's Grandmother. She doesn't want too heavy makeup so I stick to neutral tones and gave her color to simply unleash her youthfulness. Very simple!

Arni on the other hand, dedicated most of her time beautifying the Bride! She did an amazing job! She used Airbrush on her and she looked absolutely perfect!!

Alice worked on taking behind the scenes photos and videos for all of you guys to see! ^^ Thank you so much Alice!!

Watch us do the magic in action below!! ^^

Hope you all had fun reading this! I can't wait to show you another milestone in my life~ Mwahh! <3

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