Our Dream House: House Inspection

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I have great news for you! Last year, my family and I decided to finally have an investment for a lifetime. We decided to buy a brand new house and lot from Lancaster in Cavite and since both my sister and mom are abroad, I was the one assigned to take care of this investment and process all the papers needed.

We started this investment last May 2014 and the great news is we actually got to visit the house last October of this year and it’s almost done! As a 27 year old woman, like what I have mentioned from my previous post, money stewardship was the best change that happened to me. Through the help of good friends who are also exercising money stewardship and through some good reads all about how to save money, powered by motivation and inspiration, I was able to help my family in this big investment! And I am happy to say that my hard-earned money is put into a very good use!
Here’s how it looks now. ^_^ I chose the corner area so we can actually put up a garage and a balcony as well.

It is a 90sqm townhouse with three bedrooms and 1 comfort room. This is the model unit called Alice. This house has a provision for a balcony and a garage.

The house is enough for our small yet happy family. Our next project would be interior designing, putting up fences and gates, balcony and a garage. There are still more work to do and it would require a lot of money but I am confident that God will provide for all of our needs!
I honestly cannot wait until we finally move-in and start the interior designs. That part is my favorite part! In fact, I’ve been on a constant hunt for interior inspirations and here are some of the pegs I am actually considering.

For the kitchen, I want something with simple yet functional. These are my inspirations. I got some of these from the Alice model unit.

For the bathroom, it's not going to be a very spacious one so I am planning for a very neat yet space saver designs like so.

I also am looking for a really good fence type and design for our house so here are the things I have found. 

These are some of the house inspirations I got in mind and I can't wait until I get to update you guys again when we finally moved in and got our house key!

So till then,


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