How to Soft Curls for Everyday

Hello Awesome Readers~

I've been curling my hair for the past few months now as my new year's look! I want to add spice to my everyday look in the office minus the hassle of waking up too early and  spending too much time in the mirror. Believe me or not, hair styling and curling with a flat iron was my weakness in the beauty department. I fear the heat! But now, I have overcame it and i am here to spread my learning and in return teach you as well the basics of curling hair with a flat iron.

To give you a clearer idea on how I do it, I highly suggest you click the video I filmed and provided for you guys to guide you even more.

If you are just like who I was before, struggling in styling their hair, then here's a more detailed instruction  on how you can style your hair with a flat iron.

Let's start with the things you'll be needing. As mentioned in the video, you will be needing the following to make everything easier as you go through the process. I suggest gather all the materials needed first before facing the mirror to avoid wasting too much time finding the things you'll need. This can be your life saver since this is intended for an everyday hair style.

Heat Protectant Spray
Hair Cuticle Oil
Flat Iron

Start by combing your hair to untangle any strands along the way. Section the hair into equal parts depending on your preference. Divide in the center and into smaller sections for more volume. But if you want to keep it loose and simple, two divisions will be enough.

Then spray heat protectant spray all over your hair to avoid the tendency of frying it as you curl. Then start curling away!

Tips on curling your hair: There are two techniques on curling that I used in this tutorial. The first one is to curl away from your face and the other one is to curl towards your face. By mixing these two techniques, your hair will look more volumized rather than having a one way direction curl. (Hope you understood my point. lol)

After curling everything, here's something you must do! To achieve the soft bouncy curls the key is to comb it through your hands. This will make the curls loosen up a bit and make it look more manageable and will look natural. Then apply cuticle coat to make your hair shine more and to set it as well. You can also use hairspray to let the curls stay longer.
Here are my BEFORE and AFTER pictures ^_^ 

Give a try and let me know what you think about this look ^_^

Till next post!


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Honey Gutierrez said...

awww..this is pretty easy, kaso lang kasi makapal ang hair ko. It takes so much time para e curl siya. Any tips for makapal na hair? And when I do this often, nag da-dry ang hair ko.

Arrienne said...

Hi Honey! Thanks for dropping by! For thick hair I guess you should straighten the hair first to lessen the majority of the thickness and then once you achieved the desired volume then curl. Sometimes, it will really take a while, but you'll get the hang of it just keep practicing!

Honey Gutierrez said...

I really need practice...tons of it...I wish I have all the patience in the world haha! I just give up sometimes, and just tie my hair lol