Makeup Spotlight: CARELINE LIP GLOSS

Hello Awesome Readers~

It's a new week! HAPPY RAINY MONDAY here in the Philippines.

It's another Makeup Spotlight Monday for us today. And I will be featuring Careline Lip Glosses that I really adore. These lip glosses have been around for quite a while now in the market, but it's uniqueness and quality is something you have to try.

Careline Lip Gloss Enriched with Vitamin E is not your typical local lip gloss that you can easily dispose. You will never view Careline lip glosses the same again once you tried this out.

Here are my Careline Lip Glosses

Look how pretty they look! I'm attracted to these kinds of colors for my lips.

103 is a pinkish purple shade that I ADORE! It is my first every lip color that has purple undertone to it.

And this is 103 with it's typical applicator.

Then I have 104. This is more of a peachy color. Love this shade during summer!


104 on the left and 103 on the right. SUPER OPAQUE! What you see is what you get!

* Unique packaging. I'm digging this test tube lip gloss container!
* Has enough shades to choose from.
* This lip gloss is like a lipstick lipgloss to me.
* The pigmentation of the lip gloss is THE BEST. What you see is what you get.
* Perfect for any skin tone.
*Smells GOOD to me.
*Very affordable! I bought mine for only 60-80 php. I forgot na but for sure less than 100php.
NONE except for the labelling, it would be better if there are designated names for each shade.

I totally  recommend this lip gloss to all of you awesome readers! This is something you have to try really! It's my best buy EVER in Careline cosmetics. So what are you waiting for? TRY NA!!

I will give this 5 out of 5 rating!


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Alice said...

I like this lip gloss too but my lips tend to look like I've eaten oily food when I have one on :( Great review! :D

LuckyLoveNails said...

Oh I will try them out too! I love make up. Thanks for the review sissy. :) New follower here. :)

Arrienne said...

Hello ALice!

Thanks for reading my post! It's too bad it gives you that finish well for me it does kind of dries out into a matte form so I'm really ahppy about it~

LOVE, Arrienne

Arrienne said...

Hi LuckyLoveNails~

Thanks for following! ^^ Welcome to my blog! ^^

LOVE, Arrienne

Janet said...

Wow! this is my 3rd blog seeing good reviews on careline lipgloss!! guess, its worth the rave!! I heard na its super pigmented and all~ Guess, I need to try this out too! haha..Thanks for sharing the review ^_~

Andy Cuevas said...

im always seeing this at careline counters. never thought of buying it... but since i've read some product reviews from bloggers might as well try it! surprised how pigmented it is...

Pauline Reyes said...

Wow! It looks creamy :)
~Pauline @Kallony